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Hicstorical Ship Models

Since 1999

Today, not only in public spaces, but also in many offices and bureaus, as well as private homes, we see models that attract the attention of viewers for hours. After more then twenty years of specialization and experience in the field, Blue Art is proud to be able to produce fine replicas with real ships details in the handmade industry for Individuals and Legal entities. We hope to see one of our ships at your work or home in the future.

Here, based on the museums and collectibles, samples and exhibits, ornamentation and decoration, we divide the products into three “Exquisite”, “Demonstrative” and “Decorative” categories, which can be chosen by the enthusiasts according to their taste.


A good work is not the result of duty and conscience, it is the result of love and affection

Omid Raafatnia was born in 1971 in Switzerland; a land of nature, wood and precision craftsmanship. After years of many serious businesses, he left all his backgrounds and work his hobby as profession.

Wooden Ship Models are our Profession

All artworks are the result of thousands of hours of precise work and great care. In designing all ships, the best materials were used and paid for with full details of the actual sample. It takes months to complete such a work, but in the end, a masterpiece is in hand.

The BlueArt workshop plans to produce only historic and famous wooden ships in high quality. Works that have not only their particular attractiveness, but also many historical epics behind their history. In our History section you will find the fascinating adventures of each ship.

We do our best to build all ships not only externally, but also inside with great patience. From objects such as the ship’s structure and skeleton to ropes, it is not only glued but also nailed to the principles of shipbuilding and knotted according to the principles of sailing. We hope that we can satisfy the enthusiasts in this regard.

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