BlueArt Workshop

BlueArt Workshop

Historical Ship Models

Nowadays, people are more likely to look skyward. Fly and go as high as possible; even to leave the earth. But in the not-too-distant time when the earth’s globality was uncertain and many continents and territories were still undiscovered, sailing was one of the most adventure trip in the world.

Experienced engineers and designers designed and constructed new ships each year for carry more loads to be able to travel to more distant areas. In the times that no engine was invented and there was no car or plane, the squadron of Sailboats moved forward. In any old historical travelogue, you see a part or the whole story of a journey. Sailing was one of the main pillars of the progress of each country and society. Such a history that built from many historical ships, now a museum for storytelling.

For some years, the maritime has returned to the tourism industry. In our workshop, we try to familiarize you with some of the most famous historical ships and hope you get the interest to have one of these masterpieces at home or in your office.

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