BlueArt Workshop
Attention: Since we currently have no permission to sell our products in Turkey, we are reluctant to receive any payment from inland. Thank you for your understand.

The Power of the Sea

Why vessels? Why sailing? What is the historical significance of ships? In the not-too-distant time when the earth’s globality was uncertain and many continents and territories were still undiscovered, sailing was one of the main pillars of the progress of each country and society.

Thousands of years ago, there were always a number of people living together and gradually forming first colonies and build cities, they preferred to settle along a shore, river, lake or seas. Water is not only a courtyard liquid, but also a great source of food for human beings. At times where there was no borderlines, seizing the water was counted as a protecting of soil and life.

Each year, historic researchers and seekers spend a lot of time and money researching the history of many ships that are lining up even under the thousand-meter-long blue ocean. Today, more than any other century, the significance of these historical myths has been revealed to anyone. To the extent that various countries dispute the rights of these historical monuments.

In this regard, each region and country has a history of sailing, knowing it is not worthless. Here we have tried to give you a small part of this date, with the interest of the ship models that are being built at this workshop. We look forward to your attention.

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